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How Clean is Your House?

Your home may look super-clean on the surface but what lurks beneath?



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Dirty beds

Your mattress may not as clean as you think. The organisation ‘American Environment and Safety’ found the typical mattress contained 100,000 to 10 million mites.

Dust Mites and Bedding

Sheets, duvets and pillows are the perfect environment for the dust mite to thrive, bad news for allergy and asthma sufferers. The solution is a weekly change of bedlinen and a hot wash above 60°.

Germy Keyboards

Is your keyboard a health hazard? 1 in 8 keyboards are often a reflection of what is in your gut and nose. From dust to food crumbs, vacuum your keyboard regularly followed by a clean with anti-bacterial wipes.

Garden Cleanliness

The BBQ, garden tables and wheelie bins harbour more germs than a toilet seat. Wipe down the garden table before you dine alfresco and keep the BBQ squeaky clean.

Take Your Shoes Off

The soles of shoes harbour bacterium such E. coli that survives the walk home. It indicates contact with faecal matter, such as dog or cat faeces, public toilets etc. Leaving your shoes at the door means less dangerous germs in your home.

The Kitchen Sink

Think the toilet will be the most germ-ridden place in the home? Think again! Your kitchen sink can harbour over 100,000 more germs than the loo or the bathroom.

Chopping Board

Protecting your worktops is all well and good but how often do you disinfect the chopping board? The average chopping board has 200% more faecal matter than a toilet seat. Use separate boards for meat, fish, vegetables and poultry.

The carpet

Carpets harbour dust, proving an attractive place for dust mites and bugs. Hard floors are thought to have a tenth of the dust harboured in a carpet.

Muddy Shoes

Our shoes pick up all kinds of germs and not just faecal matter. Muddy boots can harbour germs too which when they reach the warmth of our homes can spread quickly. As well as taking your shoes off at the door, clean them off too!

Your Toothbrush

When a toilet is flushed, germs travel as far as six feet and float around the bathroom for up to two hours, landing on the floor, sink and your toothbrush too. The answer? Put the toilet lid down before flushing.